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FlexJim™ by QuickJim™ is the ultimate long-reach lockout tool! Its three point tip, adjustable angles, thin flexible shaft and foldable technology makes FlexJim the most versatile reach tool on the market! Folds up to 20" long and 1/2" thick for easy storage in a car trunk.

There are two push points and one hook to give you three push and pull options. UNFOLDING: Depress the lock to rotate each section to the desire angle. Careful not to pinch your thumb.
STEP 1: Insert wedge to create a gap in the corner of the door. Insert the HD Sleeve in the gap created between the door and the door jamb. STEP 2: Insert FlexJim through the door sleeve and go for the unlock button. If you can't reach it, back FlexJim out a little and bend or twist it till it reaches.

STEP 3: Go straight to the unlock switch or use the hook to pull back the mechanical toggle.

Bend or twist FlexJim as needed to reach your target button, toggle or switch.

Unlock options:

Insert at door corner and move up for a direct line to apply more downward pressure.
Angle in from the corner of the door.
Insert at door corner and move down to the side for more leverage to pull or push.
Set your FlexJim angle:    
45 degrees Down
Depress lock release and adjust first section.
Depress lock release and adjust first section
45 degrees up
Depress lock release and adjust first section.
Chose your tip:    
OPTION 1: Hook down OPTION 2: Push point down  
Patents Pending

WARNING: The tips are sharp and are designed to dig in to the smooth surface of the plastic switch. They WILL leave a small depression on the switch surface. FlexJim is engineered to get in fast. Use caution as not to poke yourself or others. We recommend that you get a damage release waiver signed by the locked out party prior to use. Use at you own risk.


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NOTE: QuickJim Lockout tools are not sold to the general public. To purchase QuickJim products, you must be a member of law enforcement,
a fireman, EMS, locksmith, tow truck operator, campus security, car dealership, auto repair shop or distributor of the same.

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