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QuickJim, LLC
8095 Beckett Center Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069

We love feedback! If you have questions or concerns about purchasing QuickJim products, please let us know. If you own one of our lockout tools, please share your experience with us. We will respond quickly with an email or a phone call.
To avoid the tsunami of spam calls from around the world we don't post our phone number. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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QuickJim™ Car Unlock Tools | 8095 Beckett Center Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069 |

NOTE: QuickJim Lockout tools are not sold to the general public. To purchase QuickJim products, you must be a member of law enforcement,
a fireman, EMS, locksmith, tow truck operator, campus security, car dealership, auto repair shop or distributor of the same.

Several patents pending. Company service marks and trademarks include QuickJim™, Curls in – Unlocks – Curls out™, Spiral Locksmith Tool™, Spiral Car Tool™, Spiral Unlock Tool™, Spiral Open Tool™
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