QuickJim Tools Testimonials


We offer AAA road assistance service throughout Miami Dade County. The Quickjim is one of the coolest car unlock tools I have ever used. My customers are amazed (and amused) at how it works. It won't work on cars with tight weather stripping though. It replaces my under window wire tools that often get stuck. I'm looking forward to trying some other Quickjim products.

Doug’s AAA Towing Service
Miami, Florida

I was given a FlexJim to try for awhile instead of my long reach tool. I have to tell you I was very surprised at how quick and effective it was. There are very few cars I can’t open with it. The best part is it folds up and can be stored under my car seat! I would highly recommend FlexJIm to any locksmith. Best invention since the pump wedge! Thanks

24/7 Locksmith
Cleveland, Ohio

My wife bought me a set of Claws for my birthday. Honestly I didn't think they would work. After a couple of weeks of use I can now say they work great! The claw works better than all of my wire linkage tools combined.

24/7 Cincinnati Locksmith
Cincinnati, Ohio

At the mall we get several car lockouts per day. Although I have been using the Claw a short time, it has become my new go to lockout tool. The cars I can't open with the Claw I use FlexJim. Awesome tools guys. Thanks for making my job easier!

Security Services, Mall of America
Minneapolis, MN

We provide campus security for the university and often have to unlock student's cars. We purchased a set of Quickjims in March for two of our vehicles. At first my officers had a difficult time getting them to work. Now, with a lot of practices behind us, we can unlock many cars we couldn't unlock with a SlimJim. We are looking forward to trying the new FlexJim long reach tool. We have ordered two.

Bret Thompson, University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR

ISP33, LLC | 6771 Lakota Lane, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044 |

NOTE: QuickJim Lockout tools are not sold to the general public. To purchase QuickJim products, you must be a member of law enforcement,
a fireman, EMS, locksmith, tow truck operator, campus security, car dealership, auto repair shop or distributor of the same.

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